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It’s redundant and makes the line up process even worse. When you register your account, you’re presented with the window above, where you’re asked to enter your checks. There’s also the templates area, which has one that is generic and can be tweaked. The problem with this, of course, is that if you’re planning to print your own checks, there’s simply no way to get everything to line up clean. There’s a tool to upload a picture of one of the blank check pages, but nothing lines up. It’s off by roughly a quarter of an inch and there’s nothing you can do about this.


One big advantage to this check writer software is that it can send Automated Clearing House checks as payment. Known colloquially as electronic payments, an ACH check signifies an authorized credit or debit payment transfer from one financial institution to another.

My Checkeepercom: Checkeeper

As a web-based service, the company offers both paperless digital checks and physical checks that can be printed on blank stock paper or pre-printed checks. In addition, customers can use the service to accept payments over the phone, email, fax, and more. The company offers several different plans; the first being its free limited access plan that allows customers to create five checks per month with one bank account integration. The most expensive plan is the $499.99 a month enterprise solution that includes white label services and physical check mailing. This is one of the few companies that offers mobile and desktop compatible software.

It can print checks or send them electronically, and you can design checks from one of its templates or by scanning in a check. It’s an excellent choice for check printing software. This check printing software will work on any printer and using any check stock.

According to third-party feedback from Trustpilot, the company has earned a 4.8-star rating based on more than 1,400 reviews. Prospective customers can try the service for free for 15 days without a credit card or required payment setup. All of this, combined with its outstanding features, make it our top pick among check writing software. It is not just a checkeeper alternative, it is way more than a check printing software. In addition to a free 14-day trial with no credit card required, Checkeeper offers a 30-day guarantee for customers to try out the program and get a full refund if not satisfied.

  • When you own a Mac, you want software that you know will work with your operating system.
  • With this flexibility and a simple interface, Print Checks Pro is perfect for any Windows-based computer, tablet, and printer.
  • The program’s checks can be printed on your bank’s personal checks, blank check stock paper, or pre-printed check paper.
  • Rockwell says he gets the most pushback on the fact that Checkeeper allows users to print their checks on normal computer paper.
  • Checksoft includes 175 free checks, of which 100 are business-size checks.

And it’s a company that over 250,000 customers have trusted to send more than $10 billion in payments. Printing your own checks typically requires check stock paper that is generally used with most printers and check printing software. This paper usually costs more than regular printer paper. Not all software requires this, however, so be sure to verify the software’s paper requirements if the ability to use regular paper is important to you.

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We also provide multi-grade security for your checks. When you own a Mac, you want software that you know will work with your operating system.


Creating a unique check design is easy with Checkeeper. You can use one of the provided templates or scan in a check of whatever style you like. Once your check accounting is scanned, you alter the information fields you need using the drag-and drop features. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to design your checks.

No special paper, no fancy ink, no complicated software. Checkeeper works with virtually any pre-printed check stock as well. Find out which check printing programs will save you time + money. No special ink, no special printer is needed to print your checks online instantly. is a cloud solution that offers the ability to either print and mail your checks for a fee, or allow you to create templates for printing your own checks.

Checksoft is a great program for personal and small business use. This article contains references to products from our partners. We may receive compensation if you apply or shop through links in our content. You help support CreditDonkey by reading our website and using our links. Designli leads clients through the design and development of complex digital products.

Checkeeper is an online check registry and check mailing service. Print and mail the check yourself using the powerful check template editor, or let Checkeeper print, lick and stamp so you don’t have to. We provide opportunities for people to Print Checks on Blank Check Stock. You can create, design, and print your checks using any printer, and there is no need to upgrade your printer, either it can be a laser printer or an inkjet printer. Track all your checks instantly as Zil Money is integrated with more than banks in the United States as a better Checkeeper Alternative.

Best For Small Business: Checkeeper

You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in oureditorial policy. Being a contractor I always have to give checks ahead in many situations and keep report and notes. Certain elements are size limited despite being smaller than the template. So when trying to draw payee lines, for example, you can’t draw them the full width of the template. That’s fine on the template, but when you go to the print preview, it clearly shows them misaligned, and there’s nothing you can do.

Instead, pay and get paid using Zil Money e-checks at no extra fees. We took all of these needs into consideration when reviewing dozens of check writing software options. In the end, we chose the best programs based on company history and credibility, check writing features available, and software price. As an optional add-on, the company offers a service to mail checks for customers—for a total of $1 per check, covering the cost of the stamp, check paper, and envelope. You don’t need any special printer to print check online. You can use any printer you already have at home or office. Having a special printer like versa check only costs an additional expense to your check printing.


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Use Checkeeper and you never have to worry checkkeeper about trying to find that checkbook again.

Which is why if you just fix your capture tool, we can capture the check paper properly. It should auto correct, bookkeeping auto crop, straighten, etc. Or at least pre-program the standard check paper stock that’s out there.

Alternatives To Checkeeper

Sounds excellent on paper, and the price is quite reasonable. Unfortunately, the experience was much less than I expected.


You can import check history from your current check writing software. It is so convenient to add who works with managers and other staff. Online Check Writer is the best solution for all sizes of business, from individuals to small companies or the big enterprises.

Checkeeper allows businesses and individuals to print professional business checks. Users can just upload a photo or scanned image of their check, visually position checking elements where they should be printed and immediately start printing their own checks. It also provides check fulfillment services where it prints checks and mail them in professional double windowed envelops. It even integrates with programs like Freshbooks and Xero to allow for easy bookeeping. Print your checks on blank check paper available at a fraction of the cost of preprinted checks from retailers like and others.

Check Design

Check Draft to get paid over Phone/Fax/Web for collecting rent and Payments — mini invoicing for check draft clients. For Busy folks, you create the check, we print and mail it to your customers/Vendor at cost under a dollar for stamps, envelope, and check paper. Online Check Writer maintains a recording transactions mini cash expense log, effortless central reporting. Integrated with numerous software features, including QuickBooks. From the company’s free individual plan to small business and enterprise offerings, it caters to nearly all types of individuals and companies that may need to print checks.

If you need any help to set up, please chat with us at any time or call us. Rent, car payment, grandma- some things you just have to be paid with by check.

Additional features include batch printing and encryption that meets several key standards, including HIPAA compliance, PCI compliance, and SOC II compliance . If you are moving from any other check printing software, please bring your data also with you. Just upload your data from Excel or CSV by Bank account wise.

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