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Pinnacle 1

5 Bedrooms Semi-Detached Houses

Title Type: Global C of O
Ownership: Private
Land Plot Area: 775sq meters
Lease Value: ₦3.5 Million Per Annum

General Information: Property Summary

  • One-storey semi-detached house which includes one guest room downstairs.
  • Two spacious living rooms, with a family lounge upstairs
  • All 5 bedrooms are en-suite with a visitor’s toilet by the entrance.
  • A fully equipped kitchen with a smoke extractor, microwave, double Fridge/Freezer , built-in burner, microwave, and Korean marble countertops.
  • A dining space, exquisitely finished with well ventilated windows.
  • An open parking lot for 3-4 cars and a pavilion shade (car-port) to provide shelter.
  • The house is fenced on all sides with a capital concrete fence and the whole periphery is electrified wired to protect from external intrusion.

Location: Lekki, Ikota
Lekky County Homes
Megamound Nigeria Limited
Lagos, Nigeria